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From the very first Christmas I shared with my husband in 1976 – he wasn’t my husband then – we would invest in a distinctive ornament for our family tree.  It became a ritual and over the years, a quality collection of eclectic shapes and colors formed.   In fact, we got a little carried away with the entire process. Gathering hand painted renderings of Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, hand sewn sequined baubles from my travels to Asia, unique trinkets from the Museum of Modern Art, wood carved depictions of the 12 Days of Christmas, the requisite children’s themes and more, I am quite sure I had several hundred by the time I sold my house last Spring.  Our tree was gorgeous, a filigree of exquisite designs that sparkled with personal history.  It was a festive and sophisticated conversation piece; an elaborate visual treat and the focal point of our holiday décor.

When I saw this Thalia demi-bra from Empreinte Lingerie and the exclusive way this elegant brand has created a luxurious feminine gift replete with a choice of pretty trimming details, I was reminded of the lavish tree. Personally, I am already a fan of this quality French brand whose striking designs and lasting support are a full breasted woman’s dream.  Meticulously crafted, Thalia styles fit from 30-48 , C – H cups. But it is the ornate combination of lace and embroidery that embellishes this collection that makes the indulgence worthwhile.  Wearing a Thalia bra, a woman can feel like the center of attention, even if she is the only one who knows it.
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  “Christmas Waves A Magic Wand Over This World, And Behold, Everything Is Softer
And More Beautiful.” 
~ Norman Vincent Peale


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