Faire Frou Frou

When I first walked into Faire Frou Frou unannounced last week, Alison Rubke, the charismatic co-owner of this eponymous boutique was clearly surprised. We had tried to connect during several of my previous LA visits but never seemed to make it happen.   Obligations always interfered; so this time, I did not want to make a promise I might not keep. It’s a bit of a trek from downtown Los Angeles to Studio City and I am not a fan of traffic, so I chose this holiday week to make the commitment.       There is a reason why this shop, in just 8 years, has become such a celebrated icon in the lingerie specialty store business.  All you need to do is stand inside this soft pink and cream boudoir and you might believe you have been transformed to a French Salon.  Every detail of the décor suggests quality, luxury and taste at the finest level.  What really seals the deal, though, is the exquisite selection of upscale lingerie clearly chosen for its unique contribution to innovative design and elegant style.  This is a gallery of carefully curated intimates, beautifully showcased, seducing the customer from every angle of the space. But the true pièce de résistance, in my opinion, is Alison’s personal charm. With her savvy style,  effervescent personality and passion for her product, she is the perfect muse for this merchandising masterpiece. Bolstered by an equally impressive website and social media entourage, it is no wonder that Faire Frou Frou has evolved from a pretty store into a much sought after brand.

“It’s Beauty That Captures Your Attention: Personality Which Captures Your Heart” 
~ Oscar Wilde


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  1. Laura A.K.A. Lola Haze says:

    The store looks great, and I agree about Alison’s charm!

  2. Alison Rubke says:

    Thank you so much Ellen! It was a pleasure to host you at my boutique, and I must say I’ve been feeling inspired since we chatted! Looking forward to great things in 2013!
    xoxo alison

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