Kiss, Kiss, Kiss ~ Minuit Douze

By now, it must be very apparent that I get a kick out of finding a new product whose character is clearly defined by vision and quality.  This time it’s the luxury designer collection from Minuit Douze showcased by the elegant In Showroom based in NYC.  Made in France, this is a concept brand created to evoke the romance of travel to romantic venues often dreamed of but not always in our reach.  Ruffles, bows, rosettes and lace embellish these playful intimates designed exclusively in silk.  They are saucy little treasures meant to be stowed away for an exotic midnight getaway.

“Zou Bisou Bizou”
~ Jessica Paré


“I Wanna Be Loved By You”
& “The Art of Robert Kushner”
by Marina Rybak 


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  1. nancy kafka says:

    Will they be at Curves? Not a comment

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