Tried, True & New ~ Chantelle Lingerie

I love sitting in a showroom, nourishing my merchant’s soul with gorgeous product, beautifully executed and so seductively marketed.  This is perpetually guaranteed when reviewing the Chantelle Lingerie collection.  It’s always interesting and I am always inspired.  This is, after all the brand that has so successfully managed to bring French elegance to the pragmatic North American marketplace.   They have succeeded with a balance of sensual designs and essential basics.  They understand the Yin and Yang of a woman’s Intimate wardrobe.   So when I saw the newest incarnation of their Hedona T-shirt bra, I was excited but not at all surprised.  Chantelle has taken everyday beige to modern classic with a subtle plaid print.  Without compromising the fit or function of this bestselling seamless full cup bra, they have introduced just the right amount of visual allure to invigorate an established favorite.  That’s what I call “added value”.

 “Don’t Reinvent the Wheel, Just Realign It.”  Anthony J. D’Angelo


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