Live From Paris ~ Day One

Today, I did my regular first day run around to Galleries Lafayette, Bon Marché and the shops in St Germaine. It’s how I ward off jet lag after an overnight flight and a late check-in time at the hotel.  It’s January Mark-down mania in Paris and as usual the stores are packed with sales.  Interesting fact: in France big sales are government controlled.   These big price breaks are en mass, everywhere, only twice a year.  It’s a shopping tradition here.  Somehow the word SALE has real meaning.  As a result, one really needs to weed through the disarray to see any indication of incoming trends.  There are very little “nouvelle collections”  in site.

Still I could not help noticing the amount of black, silver and lace edging through the chaos.  It ran the gamut from La Perla’s brand of sexy, Marlie’s Dekker’s sophistication and Ere’s modern sleek to Lejaby’s elegance, the message was there.  Even the artsy windows on the Left Bank offered some input.  Maybe this theme is an easy Intimate bridge to Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s a bigger story.  Nothing quite defines the roots of Lingerie like black and lace.


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