Paris Day Four: Nordic Dreams

Parisians are not well prepared for snowstorms.  The airport is closed down and the EuroRail was stopped for 2 hours for those en route from London.  The streets are still coated with an icy mush: plows and shovels probably don’t go with the French aesthetic.  This wintry weather is very auspicious. How coincidental that the major theme of this year’s Salon De Lingerie is “Ice Land”, the main message at the Fall 2013 Trend Forum.

Here we are cocooned in a synthesis of pale neutrals tinged with icy shades of blue, mineral colors, shimmering crystals, translucent and cuddly fabrics and airy laces.  There is a sense of visual calm.  And as always, the show offers elegance and an element of artistic amusement.


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