A Guide to the Best Lingerie for Brides

By Abbas Hussain  (Guest Contributor)

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. It is one of the days where you cannot afford to have any wardrobe malfunctions. It is for this reason that everything you wear should be just perfect. They say that to look awesome on the outside, you need great inner-wear to start with. Here, are tips to help you choose great lingerie to help you look and feel good during your big day.

One: Creating a Smooth Silhouette

The biggest secret to looking good on your wedding day is creating a smooth silhouette. This means that if there are a few extra pounds here and there; try and downplay them. In selecting panties you should look for lightweight fabrics that do not show panty lines. As for the bra, if you have a lightweight gown, look for bras which are made of lightweight material which will ensure that straps and other lines do not show through. In addition to that, you can get a corset or pantyhose with fitted panties. A corset acts as a great way of controlling the body to create a svelte figure.

Two: Creating Volume

In order to look great and appealing as you walk down, you may find it necessary to increase the volume. Push-up bras are great in creating a cleavage. The same goes to bras that are filled with cotton or gel. A good corsage will also serve the same purpose. However, you should make sure that the bra feels comfortable and natural.

Three: Choosing Colors in Lingerie

There are two main colors that are recommended for lingerie, especially during the ceremony. These are white and nude. They are the best colors to opt for because they do not show through the fabric. Make sure that you get nude colors that match your skin color so that it will not show.

Four: The Wedding Night

Most brides give so much attention to the wedding day that they forget about the night. When the gown comes off, you should have something that has lace, ribbons and many other seductive details. Experiment with colors for your wedding night lingerie. White and ivory are the best when it comes to creating a traditional appeal. Black on the other hand is simply sultry. If you want to create a powerful look go for bolder colors  Of course this should be kept away and ready for the time when you and your husband enjoy each other privately.

Five: Comfort in the Lingerie

Imagine having to say your vows while at the same time having this urge to adjust creepy panties; not fun, right? If you select uncomfortable lingerie for your wedding, you will punish yourself by having to stay uncomfortable throughout. Take time and select pieces that fit well and are completely comfortable. This way, because wedding receptions take quite a while, you will not end up punishing yourself all day with discomfort.
Well, those are just five guidelines to help you select great lingerie for your wedding. With them in mind, you will feel great and comfortable as you say your vows.

Author Bio: Blogger who researches and talks about women’s lingerie for the company Needundies



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