The Beauty Is In The Details

Shell Belle Couture

As I was explaining a few days ago, with intimates “it’s all about the details”.  Yes, technical prowess is critical for fit and function, but with Intimate Apparel, it’s the special touches that transform a style into a seductive and elegant art form.  Unlike outerwear, which gets visual support from accessories, shoes, jewelry, even cosmetics, undergarments are constrained by the very fact that they sit so close to the skin and must perform solo. For Lingerie designers, there are limitations on color, hand feel and embellishment that present a unique challenge to the creative process.   A brands signature is often defined by how a designer handles these elements.

“In The End It Will Be The Details That Give The Product Its Life”  Charles Eames



Lise Charmel

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  1. adam says:

    Me And my wife fell in love with lace designs and we started to bring styles from Europe where it seams that european styles are rich in detail and the finishing touches are impeccable. I invite you to look at the styles of our lace bras and underwear at http://www.lacyhint .com

    Detail is the most important thing in fine designer underwear but right after the right size and comfort of the fabric.

  2. Kitty Plum says:

    You are so right I find it can also be the detail in the manufacturing that makes a huge difference, including the covering of the hooks and eyes so they don’t dig in, the padding of the underwire etc. Quality is in the detail. 🙂

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