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Lace has informed my perspective for as long as I can remember.  For me, it is an artistic and poetic expression.   I see it in so many aspects of everyday life; the spokes of a bicycle wheel, the bare branches of a tree etched against a winter sky, an intricately woven wrought iron fence, lingering lines left on frozen ice from a skater’s blades, shadows flickering in candlelight across a naked body.  The possible interpretations are endless. Lace patterns add character to perspective. Lace feminizes, suggests intrigue; asks to be observed.  Delicate or bold, it has the power to alter vision.

This is exactly what I thought when I saw Arianne’s Teri camisole collection. These lace appliqued camis  have transformed this 60 year old Canadian brand from a harbinger of traditional inner/outerwear fashions into an arbiter of hot item fashion expertise. Particularly intriguing are the multi-faceted wardrobe options created by Arianne’s innovative positioning of lace patterns. Developed in a soft rayon/spandex knit in sizes S-XL, these tops take the meaning of “suit cami” to a whole other level of contemporary style.


“Lace Has Been Brought Back To Life and It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Lace”
Candy Pratts Price

Available At:

Diane’s Lingerie: Vancouver, BC
Bare Basics Lingerie: Vancouver, BC
Boutique Katrin Leblond: Montreal, Quebec
Diva Lingerie:  Winnipeg, MB
New Beginnings: Brandon, MB
Simply Chic:  Etobicoke, ON
Minerva’s: Erin, ON
Bare Essentials:  Brooks, AB
Elizabeth’s House of Hosiery: Regina, SK
Intima European Lingerie:  Carmel, CA
Blue Moon Clothing:  Santa Cruz, CA
Camille De Pedrini: South Pasadena, CA
Night Gallery: Chapel Hill, NC
Trousseau: Vienna, VA
Nadine’s Desert Fashions: Oro Valley, AZ
Aine’s Boutique: Reading, MA
Le Soutien: Denver, Co
Baldoria: Salem, NH
Nathalie: Santa Fe, NM
Top Drawer:Exeter, W.Lebanon, Bedford, NH

“Nursing Bras For Every Body”
by Lindsey Borchard


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  1. Bella Intimates says:

    This cami has always done very well for us and has become one of our key items!
    We are so excited for the new fashion colors.

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