Bridal Dreams ~ Salua Lingerie

By Ellen Lewis

When I was in my 20’s I traveled to Columbia with 2 of my girlfriends on an all inclusive budget trip to Cartegna, Columbia.  The electricity in the hotel worked about half the time and if I remember correctly, someone had chickens on the flight down. It was my first venture into an adventurous paradise and the thought crossed my mind as I drank rum  and baked, irresponsibly, under palm trees in the hot sun that this would be a nice type of environment for a honeymoon.  We spent all week in bathing suits  and sheer cotton sundresses. Now many years later I have the privilege of revisiting those memories with Shadia K’David, the creative force behind Salua Lingerie.  I have watched this Colombian star rising for the past few years and keep coming back to it as a perfect Lingerie collection of bridal Sleepwear- this one for Fall 2013.  For the bride who likes sensual simplicity this brand is a breath of fresh air.  Inquiries:


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    Thank you

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    Muriel’s Intimate Apparel,I would like some more information on the line Thank you Muriel

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