Bridal Boost ~ NuBra

By Aimee Guthinger

Compliments of Krista’s Photography

The peonies are blooming and the hydrangeas will be coming out soon, two sure signs that we’re headed into another beautiful summer season here on Cape Cod! While cocktail parties, evenings at the beach and yacht clubs and weddings, weddings, and more weddings are filling our calendars here on the coast, closets are being turned over for the season too.  The halters, open back and strapless dresses and tops are shifting forward to prime locations, while the sweaters and heavier items are stored away until autumn.

While previous blogs has focused mainly on brides, this blog is devoted to any smaller busted woman who will be attending a wedding or special occasion this season.  While it would seem to those of us well-endowed, that the smaller busted ladies have less to worry about, I am here to tell you this is just not the case.  No matter her bra size, every woman has her woes when it comes to bra fitting and presenting her most attractive silhouette.

Have you all heard about NuBra? NuBra is a regenerative adhesive bra that looks a lot like a chicken cutlet.  Many customers refer to them this way and one of our own customers even calls her NuBra her veal chops (grin).  Now, this sticky bra, as we often describe it in my boutique, is an ingenious solution for those women for whom it is designed.  A through smallish D cups seem to have the most success, but you may also find creative ways to extend the market of woman who may benefit? I have, in a pinch, advised mid to larger size D cup’s to first apply the Fashions Forms or Hollywood Fashion Secrets Bring it Up Tape.  Next apply the NuBra on top for coverage and smoothing.  By using the tape initially, the user will get an instant breast lift and once the fabric of her dress is on her body, the NuBra will give the illusion of an even more supported appearance.

One common misconception we come across when schooling customers about these solution items is the idea that they actually lift the bust.  That is simply not true.  The goal of NuBra is to provide coverage and create an illusion of uplift.  When the fabric of your clothing comes down over these shapely stick ons, it makes your bust line appear to be much higher than the reality.  In certain garments, where a traditional bra is an inappropriate choice, the NuBra is an indispensable tool.  You can learn more on their website. There are several different options, including non-adhesive “cutlets” for use in swimwear, cleansers to get the most longevity from the regenerative adhesive, as well as fashion colors & more.

And finally, do not be afraid to kick up your heels on the dance floor! You can confidently dance the night away with your NuBra!


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