Hot and Cool ~ Betsey Johnson Sleepwear

It is HOT in New York.  Long, languid, sultry days have left us wilting in their wake.  It feels like jungle stew and there hasn’t been much relief.    If we have to live in this torrid climate, a little provocative nighttime diversion would be nice.  Leave it to Betsey Johnson to design a summer sleepwear collection replete with exotic animals, tropical gardens and breezy light fabrics to provide a creative escape. No one does eclectic and sassy quite like Betsey and this chiffon babydoll and slinky knit slip arriving shortly in stores are a cool reminder that steamy and cool can easily co-exist.

“Ah, Summer, What Power You Have To Make Us Suffer And Like It.”
~ Russell Baker

Betsey Johnson 732609 slinky knit chemise and 732605 chiffon babydoll on Lingerie Briefs


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