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I met Tara Cavoise two years ago in a Starbucks halfway between her home in Albany and my office in Westchester, NY. She had called me to engage my opinion about a business she was developing for an innovative shapewear product.  I was highly skeptical.  After all, at the time shapewear companies were coming out of the woodwork with a myriad of claims about the next best thing in in this highly competitive category.  I had low expectations, but Tara’s personality was infectious, so I figured, it was worth a cup of coffee.  She had me the minute she pulled the prototype from her purse and began to explain its virtues. Hooked Up Shapewear is a breakthrough garment that eliminates the gap between a woman’s bra and the top of the shaping panty; and because of the unique patent pending hooking system, it can’t roll down. Back fat and muffin tops disappear and as a result, this shapewear is incredibly comfortable. Holding 8 patents already for solution lingerie (including the groundbreaking backless/ strapless bra), Tara’s newest venture promises to make another major impact in this market.  See it for yourself at the Montelle Intimate’s Curve NY Booth 307.

“Innovation Is Creativity With A Job To Do” ~ John Emmerling

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  1. Ken says:

    Tara looks great on camera!

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