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I have been in Cabo San Lucas now for several weeks, living under the radar, getting away from it all and spending my time split between house responsibilities and horseback riding.  Here I ride daily at Cuadra San Francisco, a world class family owned equestrian center and a multi-disciplined riding facility with over 50 horses in their stable.  Ribbons and trophies in every iteration of the sport line the office walls; the owners are true guardians of the sport.   For me, it’s just about being back in the saddle after a long lapse.

Every morning a demanding lesson often followed by a ride in the desert leaves me tired, hot and happy. My instructor requires constant motion and stopping is not an option.  I am glad that I have been wearing my Anita Momentum Sports bra because cantering around the course multiple times can be harsh on the breast tissue.  What I really wish I already had in hand is Anita’s new Air Control Sports bra launching this month. This new addition to the brands repertoire should be a perfect anecdote to the fierce Mexican sun and intense movement that this sport asks. Part of the Firm Support series,Air Control is extremely light with air permeable double net layers engineered into seamless cups.  Constructed in Anita’s exclusive microfiber lycra™ fabrics this sports bra takes sweat management to a whole new level of horse power.  Available for sizes A – G and 32 – 42,  Air Control is positioned to be another trophy in Anita’s sports collection.


“The Horse, The Horse! The Symbol Of Surging Potency And Power Of Movement, Of Action”
~ D.H. Lawrence

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