Be A Swimwear Diva

By Jennifer Cermak


In 1948 Diva started manufacturing swimwear using the know-how of brassieres and lingerie. In the 70’s Diva became a brand known for its elegance, impeccable fit, flattering silhouette, exclusive designs and innovative fabrics in the swimwear industry. The vision is that every lady who wares a Diva swimsuit, should feel like a diva.


The campaign for the 2014 collection is sophisticated and glamorous. You desire that lifestyle – the beach, the sun, the flowers! If you look at the swimsuits themselves, you will see styles that are actually wearable. Each and every one. Yes, we can all be a Diva.

One of my clients said: “I am comfortable with how I look at 65.   I wanted a swimsuit that supported my curves, but didn’t make me feel that I was trying to be 22 again. Diva did that the best!  Suzanne B.”


It is in the details, that Diva becomes so fantastic. A little extra length in the torso of the one piece, adjustable straps, underwire options in B, C, D, and E cup varieties, not to mention full rear coverage. (When a customer complains about the coverage of Gottex in the rear, hand them a Diva!) Diva also focuses on pattern play for creating slimming illusions, versus filling the suit with impossibly tight control material. This keeps movement in the suit, allows the fabric to quickly dry and helps the wearer remain comfortable while being supported.


The brand also offers bikini’s, fun, flirty and yet sophisticated. This is defiantly a suit you wear to be noticed – in a good way! For me the one piece is what I love (and a resort dress, or two…). To learn more, visit their website or view their collection video:




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