Live From Paris – Showstoppers

simone-pereleSimone Perele

Although I did not manage to get to all the European lingerie brands, I feel strongly that without exception, they were dynamic and in many cases innovative.  For certain  I will be expounding on this perception at a later date, but the rich colors, delicate embroideries, airy laces and graphic designs on the bras and panties I saw at Empreinte, Prima Donna,  Marie Jo, Lise Charmel, Epure, Simone Perele, Maison Lejaby, Aubade, Lou and Mimi Holliday resulted in exquisite and sensual designs that promise a gallery of intimate fashions for Fall 2014.  The innovation in fabric development and construction continues to elevate the stature of these collections bringing a level of sophistication to the North American Lingerie market.

epure-by-lise-charmelEpure by Lise Charmel

lou-parisLOU Paris



marie-joMarie Jo

prima-donnaPrima Donna

maison-lejabyMaison Lejaby

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