Hot Trends ~ Swim 2015

By Jennifer Cermak

Gottex-Mercedes-Benz-Fashion-Week-Swim-2015-MiamiGottex at The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim Show

After the great Swim Show, I got knocked in the head by my lovely 2-year-old daughter. This little bonk caused an abscessed tooth, root canal, infection, hospital stay and lowered my immune system so now I find myself with a sinus infection and cold during the end of summer. Needless to say working 2 to 3 hours a day on painkillers and cold medicine is not that fun.

With a month long to consider how to re-cap Miami and discuss 2015 trends – here are my thoughts:


Lapis blue is everywhere. One of the easiest colors for a body to wear, this shade was seen in every shape imaginable and from almost every designer.

Gottex, Jets, Seafolly, Carmen Marc Valvo


Red was our pop color of choice. From pink tones to deep blue tones this color caught our attention in sexy silhouettes over and over again. Definitely the year to convince the customer to be bold!

Lenny, Jets, Nicolita, Shan


The graphic print of choice seemed to be Ikat. It was nice to see the prints done in warm colors with full saturation (no white).

Ale, Lenny, Love the Journey, Tommy Bahama


This years floral prints are layered with graphics. Stripes, dots, leaves… with photo flowers in the forefront. It makes the floral a bit more trendy and all ages, which is very exciting for us.


Lise Charmel, Jets, Seafolly, Jantzen


Caged suits are all the rage. We are seeing the detail in every silhouette – from minimal to extreme. This really is not our thing… but we do love some of the minimal pieces.


Carmen Marc Valvo, Jets, Lenny, Jets 


We found tons of new brands we are bringing into our store this year. Most were new bikini brands since we wanted to expand the styles we offer.

Bridgette: From Brazil, this line has been around for a few years and has had great success in South America. The digital printing is vibrant and stunning, and styles range from great twist bandeaus, adjustable halters, simple one pieces, and fantastic tunics.

Ale: Designed in collaboration with Alessandra… the Victoria Secret model. This collection surprised us and we are excited to see how our customers respond to the fits. The prints are earthly and bohemian, and the styles are skimpy and fashion forward. Most skimpy brands give you junior bright so we were excited to see something more natural in these fits.

Badgley Mishka: We have carried the brand the first year it came to market, but had some issues with the fit. We were asked to check it out again and were very happy we did. We adore the subtle bling and the details that ensure a great fit – like sheering around the back! We are really excited to have this hit the floor.


Bridgette, Ale and Badgley Mishka

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