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ec877d9ebde48a5e173bd57f111ec793Ten years ago at the ripe young age of 54 I decided to pursue a long time dream and began taking riding lessons.  My passion for the sport has only grown and today, although I will never be an equestrian superstar, I am proud to say that I am more than a beginner.  This includes understanding how to tack a horse and the necessity of quality gear to insure a safe and satisfying ride. It is standard procedure to insure that stirrups hang evenly on either side of the saddle after they are measured for correct leg length and of course I have always abided by this rule. So, when my current instructor suggested I shorten one stirrup because I was not sitting centered, I was surprised. But a slight adjustment in equipment changed everything. Feeling much more secure, my comfort level increased. All at once, everything seemed easier.

For me, the bonanza in Natori’s new Power Yogi Contour Convertible Sports Bra is the flat back elastic pockets in the straps which remind me of the stirrup holes and the fractions of inches available to insure a stable comfortable fit no matter any discrepancy in torso measurements. After taking a lesson last week in this bra I can vouch for many of its unique construction features but what makes it a winner is the soft, ultra-light, yet absolutely secure feeling as it rides the body.  Engineered with many unique aspects to insure this result, Natori has infused this style with its sleek design aesthetic fitting 32-38, B-H cups. There are some terrific sports bras on the market and I have my personal favorites, but everyone knows that when the competition heats up, the slightest details in gear can make all the difference.  I have to say, that Natori has proven that in this arena, there is a new game in town.


“An Ounce Of Performance Is Worth Pounds Of Promises” ~ Mae West



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