Live From Paris ~ Le Bon Marché Lingerie Best In Class

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t brain dead from jet lag today, but my intimate shopping experience produced a much better product reference than yesterday’s run through.  Personally, I think it’s because I went to Le Bon Marché, still in my opinion, the most cohesive presentation of Lingerie in Paris. The store, modern and sophisticated, is very “French”. Although they were very busy, particularly the Lingerie department, one never feels overwhelmed by the crowd.

paris2Shorty pajama by Raphaella Reboud and swimsuit by Eres at Le Bon Marché in Paris

Sales are prevalent but do not interfere with the showcase of new arrivals. The assortment in foundations is fueled by the usual french brand infrastructure. Only Wacoal and Calvin have crossed over. However, the reason I love this store is the way they curate designers. Elise Aucouturier, Carine Gilson, La Fille d’O, Momoni, TCN, exclusive to Bon Marché sat beside Madame Aime, Raphaella Reboud, Fifi Chachnil, Roseanna, Asceno and Ysé.

Shopping at Le Bon Marché: Elise Aucouturier, Madame Aime & corset by Chantal Thomas

The more embedded Chantal Thomas and Eres were strong statements along side foreigners La Perla and Andres SardaStella McCarthy looked amazing and Princesse Tam Tam is back with a vengeance.

laperla-tamtamLa Perla and Princesse Tam Tam

The segue into legwear is seamless and the heart of the department is an ode to exquisite fragrances and cosmetics. When you shop this store, you are in a French lingerie boutique, replete with extraordinary service, which by the way is why I have so few photos. Photography is not allowed and sneaking is “trés difficile”.

I had a meeting which cut the shopping process short. But don’t worry, my dinner at the corner bistro kept the “french experience intact”.





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