Finale From Paris ~ Snow Hold Once Again!


The final day of the Lingerie Show here in Paris and oh, what a pity, I discovered early in the morning that I would be held over here for at least one extra day. Too bad about the snowstorm blitzing the Northeastern USA. My plane is not taking me to New York Tuesday morning. What a burden to deal with: 24 more hours to shop the stores and eat croissants that are really fresh.  I was very strong though and did not let it interfere with my schedule. I soldiered on despite this distraction.

Today was a wrap for me, spending time with several key vendors but mostly zeroing in on a few of the key trends.

First, pajamas, pajamas, pajamas. Actually it was a bit of overkill, but for me the best positioning of luxury pjs came from the Asceno brand. The prints are dynamic and the pricing easier to handle in the designer market than some of the competition.

pluto2Pluto Loungewear

loungeSoft short robe by Layneau & vibrant robe by Maison De Papillon

Second, luxury loungewear from Pluto, Layneau and Maison De Papillon. Homewear emerged in force several years ago, but now, this crossover category is taking hold for many brands. It is the natural extension of the pajama explosion.


Lastly, the Men’s market is growing. And here in Paris, the show devoted a proprietary space to the category including pool tables, beer barrels and a beer cart. The models were not too bad either.



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