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Lingerie is to me a way of lifting women up. It is, if handled with class, the mystique that infiltrates our wardrobes, a voyage to femininity and self-esteem. It was rainy and grey in Paris this past week, typical January weather, and perhaps it affected my perception that the city had lost come of its luster. I try to leave my politics out of this column but in the wake of recent current events, it was hard to ignore the mood. However, after attending the Salon International De La Lingerie show and walking the streets for an extra day (snow storm delay giving me the time), I realized that the change was more in me, than in this artfully interesting city.  Less inclined to frivolity and more interested in the message wrought in this fashion capital, I found myself more inclined to the serious business of identifying profitable potential.


Paris is a merchandising mecca. Walking around the show, as well as the extra day of shopping boutiques proved this theory true. Creative innovation lives here. Stores here are fascinating because in the end, the great ones tell unique stories with a laser focus on the product mission.  The key item approach, so bare boned in the American approach to retail, is couched in lifestyle merchandising that makes the shopping experience so palatable. And at the Lingerie Show, each stand enables a story; unique design is inspirational and a mood changer.


There were several messages woven through the streets of Paris at retail and reinforced at the Salon. The venerable Concepts Paris trend forums at Interfiliѐre and the key trends they defined at their renowned seminar give credibility to the brands who work so hard on product development. Here, I will zero in the a few that were so prevalent, they are sure to impact buying trends next fall and in 2016.

Blue Obsession: Blue is everywhere, now and in the future. It dominates every store and every line.






In Search of the Perfect Red: Red becomes elevated by the materials in which it is rendered.



Black And White Still Drive the Business




All That Sparkles Is Not Gold



Innovation in Bra Engineering



The Influence of Bondage is Dominant

erica m & aventure


Interesting Details make the Difference




Embroidery  Prevails




Sports Surge Continues


There were several other major trends: the explosion of color, the impact of pajamas and crossover loungewear, the emergence of menswear, the future of green on lingerie palattes, and the luxury silk market finding its niche. Some of these I noted in my daily Live Paris coverage.  There were also new brands worthy of review.It is difficult to show every image here, but for certain. the trip wet my appetite for more. CurveNV and CurveNY are around the corner. If you missed Paris, you can see some of these ideas there.


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  1. Shelley says:

    Attended the show in Paris (and staying on for an additional 3 weeks) and was equally impressed by the colors and designs…I can hardly wait for my orders to arrive 🙂 I am always perplexed by the comments of women looking for something that ‘can’t be seen under their clothing’, I do my very best to dissuade this thinking. We are women, we have breasts, and we wear bras…so what if lace is detected under a sweater? a colored bra under a white shirt? It is a never ending job for me and I enjoy it every time a client walks out more confidant that she can wear what pleases her, not just what puritan morals subliminally have dictated to her for decades. I personally co-ordinate my bra color to my wardrobe when wearing a white blouse, so that the color showing through WILL be seen. I am as drawn (often more) to new styles in lingerie than I am in to fashion in general…it is after all the foundation is it not?

    • Ellen Lewis says:

      I could not agree with you more. It’s a mission of mine to educate the American woman to the potential of gorgeous intimates. It’s probably the most important element in their wardrobes

  2. Josie-Anne says:

    A “trap”….mmmh, that’s a nice slip of words 😉

  3. Clare Ranney says:

    The many varied shades of blue are beautiful. These wonderful pieces should be seen and enjoyed. However, in the States, wearing such a lovely item under a sheer or translucent top is still not easy to pull off.

    • Ellen Lewis says:

      How about a strap peeking out? Especially if one is wearing a coordinated color?

    • jos berry says:

      In the United Staes like everywhere else in the world (perhaps even more considering the pro capita consumption) women have a bra wardrobe. Research shows most women own around 10 bras. There must be one for under a sheer blouse I presume! Apart from that please belief me not every woman wears sheer blouses. An uniform offer kills the lingerie market. Women are divers!

    • jos berry says:

      In the United States like everywhere else in the world (perhaps even more considering the pro capita consumption) women have a bra wardrobe. Research shows most women own around 10 bras. Apart from that please belief me not every woman wears sheer blouses. Women are divers!

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