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I apologize in advance. You are going to hear a lot about my son’s wedding (11 days away) in the next few weeks. It seems that bridal business and lingerie continuously cross mutual boundaries. Case in point is the black and silver sequined top I am wearing (with silk pants) as the mother of the groom. Being a bit voluptuous (festive term for a G cup) I had some concern about what bra to wear beneath this deep V-neck beaded silk blouse.  I wanted it to be beautiful, rich, and uplifting without being revealing. The style that worked perfectly was the Empreinte Irina bra that I received some time ago. I felt completely tacked in but elegant underneath.


I put it away vowing to not wear it again until the wedding. However, several weeks ago, I changed my mind, needing it for a particular outfit. I searched my drawers everywhere and it was nowhere to be found. I blamed it on my 2 year old grandson who has a propensity for moving things from one place to another. And then I gave in and purchased another Irina bra in the same Brume Rosée color that I had lost. Empreinte bras are not inexpensive. They are an investment in self-confidence for large breasted women who need deep cup support. This full cup style is a delicate melange of embroidered tulle, guipure lace, pearl beading, pleated straps, and satin fitting sizes 30-46, C-G cups. It will be the only jewelry I wear, except my earrings, fitting my penchant for understated grace. Personally, Empreinte is an investment in my desire to feel taller and thinner, an illusion I will truly embrace when I walk down the aisle.

“Beauty Is How You Feel Inside, And It Reflects In Your Eyes.
It’s Not Something Physical. ~” Sophia Loren



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  1. charlotte Cave says:

    this is a particulary wonderful post. Enjoyed reading it so much. An investment in self-confidence. wow. And loved the quote too.
    Enjoy your wedding. I am sure you will look lovely. Love the top.

  2. Jeanne Emory says:

    Ellen: As a boutique owner I was skeptical about bringing in Empreinte due to their luxury pricing. Thankfully I took a blind leap and brought the brand into my assortment. Not only do the bras fit in an amazing “up and out” direction, but they are beautiful and supportive! My clients love them. The company is a delight to work with as well, and I cannot say enough about this elegantly engineered brand.

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