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Untitled-1When I decided to move to Mexico 5 years ago, I had a lot of push back from family and friends. Mexico was so far away and dangerous (read the papers).  But here is the reality: the flight from NY to Cabo is the same as NY to LA and Cabo is 1000 miles from the US border. I live closer to “dangerous” locales in my apartment in Connecticut. And in Mexico, the cost of living is, well let’s say, more amenable. Why not try something new? New experiences nourish knowledge. I decided to take the plunge. I still have my base in the states but now there is ample opportunity to take advantage of a lifestyle that meets my personal expectations. Cabo has been an eye opening discovery, worth every minute despite the naysayers back home

In a similar vein, prospecting the market can be a delicate balancing act. Credible product information requires accurate analysis of both the current brand power houses and emerging labels scoping the North American borders. This is how I discovered the Nikol Djumon lingerie brand, originally at Curve in 2013. Established in 2004, Nikol Djumon pays design homage to its Parisian influenced ancestry. The entire product line is developed and produced in Latvia from fine European fabrics and laces. These styles are meticulously engineered to fit 32-48, A-H cups and up to XXXXL panties; on the horizon, 28-30 bands.  Attached as I am to the card carrying members of my bra wardrobe because I am difficult to fit, I finally, after some persuasion tried the Italian embroidered Evelen bra featured here. I was surprised and thrilled with the outcome: elegant, supportive and truly comfortable. I will not abandon my current intimate coterie, but this bra is worthy of joining my lingerie drawer. Glad I tried something new.
Inquiries: Valen’s Lingerie (877)223-1796

“You Will Enrich Your Life Immeasurably If You Approach It With a Sense Of Wonder And Discovery, and Challenge Yourself To Try New Things” ~Nate Berkus





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