Beautiful Dreamer ~ Oscalito

Untitled-1Some years ago, I had a dream one night that left me in a strange state upon awakening. I decided to record this reverie before all recollection faded into the day’s reality. But, all I could remember was that I was searching for someone or something that eluded me. I was traveling in Italy on a winding stone road towards an exotic hamlet that was embraced by a floral paradise. I specifically remembered that the name of the town was Oscalito. I wrote this down on paper.  It seemed that I was almost in reach of something precious and very beautiful. But I woke up before I arrived.

So imagine my surprise when I first came upon the Oscalito brand, which I assumed was named for a town, but in fact, is an acronym for the 76 year old Casalini family business. Their product designed, developed and produced 100% in Italy is a perfect incarnation of the Italian artisanal aesthetic: exquisite details rendered with the finest needles in luxurious natural fibers rich in colors and textures. The quality would be difficult to capture anywhere else. Perfection is always in sight and forever sought. Oscalito may not be a “town”, but now I wonder if my somnolent fantasy spoke to my ongoing pursuit of creativity.


The dream took me away from you
Packed suitcase I trudged up the hill
Forging through boutiques looking for a prize
Some relief from the weight I bore
I searched but needing to go
I followed the road, climbed up the hill to meet you
But halfway there an avalanche of flowers and fragrant scents blocked my view
In a valley below, a garden so splendid
I have seen heaven from the precipice.

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  1. Patty Nunez says:

    Dreams are amazing… The items look absolutely beautiful and comfy!
    Thank you for sharing!

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