Higher Style ~ Samantha Chang


Last week, I finally found a yoga group here in Cabo that I could attend regularly.  It’s been 3 years since I attended a class, distracted as I was from my own needs in my overwhelming quest to control events in my life that were, let’s say, not in my control. I missed the refuge it once provided and the side benefits of just feeling more right with myself. It appeals to my need for spiritual evolution as I age. Yoga practice and the clothing worn has become a wardrobe choice, particularly in the USA. Once the sole domain of retailers whose entire vision concentrated on the concept, it is now such an integral part of the American lifestyle, that Lingerie brands have recognized how perfectly it defines the essence of Intimate Apparel: comfortable and practical layers that function around the clock.


It was only a matter of time before the yoga category would rise to another level of feminine design as is eminently clear in Samantha Chang’s newly launched High Street Collection. This multi-use innerwear is made in 2×2, 40 singles cotton rib available in S-M-L. What makes it special is the quintessential Samantha Chang artistry manifest in the carefully executed fit integrated into simple contemporary shapes. But in my opinion, the story is in the back treatments, delicate, perfectly positioned lace inserts that transform these simple layers from active to intimate wear. They are sentient focal points that balance a woman’s wardrobe and elevate her sense of style to a higher place.

“Most People Have No Idea How Good Their Body Was Designed To Feel” ~Kevin Trudeau

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