Back In the Saddle ~ Maison Lejaby


Several weeks ago while riding, I fell off my horse. Doing this from a cantor results in quite an impact. Time stops for just a second as I recover my equilibrium. Everyone stands still until I rise up and ask to get back in the saddle. Every time I have taken a spill, I insist that I remount, because I know that getting right back on the horse is the best way to insure continuity. I know that this little glitch is a challenge to my confidence and not worthy of submission. The sport is too important to me. It is a trifecta of elegance, vitality, and conviction and I will not let this setback interfere with my goals.


This latest fall, not necessarily my hardest, made me think of the Maison Lejaby Company and its recent efforts to recharge the brand legacy. It is true that they have met with some obstacles in the past few years as they cycled through some management upheaval. But here’s the thing, Maison Lejaby, born in 1884, has a deep heritage in French design and fit. The product is a delicate interplay of grace, strength and Independence. Known for its exquisite needle and creative application of lingerie details, Lejaby is mounting a three pronged approach: Couture; handcrafted French luxury, Premium; collections of everyday wearable beauty and Elixer; curvy seductive support. I admire their new efforts to regroup and resurrect their historical position in the Lingerie market. They did not give up but have found the vision to entice customers back into the ring. It’s not easy returning to the fold, but 130 years of experience should insure success.

“If You Can Find A Path With No Obstacles, It Probably Doesn’t Lead Anywhere”
~Frank A. Clark



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