Hoist the Sails ~ Fantasie & Freya Lingerie


When I first moved to Cabo San Lucas, I was a little put off by the activity in the Harbor, particularly when I was on the beach where Cruise ships (sometimes three at a time), jet-skis, enormous yachts, fishing craft  and other assorted seafaring vessels commandeered so much of the vista. I wondered sometimes what had happened to the Mexican tranquility I envisioned in my plans. Funny, I love the water, but have never been particularly drawn to its lure. I don’t like all the “noise” literal and metaphoric that boats enjoin. But there is an exception: sailing sloops. Somehow the profile of silent movement curving in the breeze conjures an entirely different image. It takes me to a more poetic place. These elegant schooners hoist their sails to steady the wind, beautiful winged vessels leaning into the horizon. Watching them has a stabilizing effect. I am in awe of the technology that supports this engine-less motion.


In the Eveden showrooms a few months ago, scouring the plenitude of design concepts housed there, I honed in on the prevalence of vertical seam construction so apparent in the company’s spring 2015 launch plans. In both the Fantasie Allegra and the Freya Starlett collections, flat vertical seams enable an unlined under-wire cup that is both sexy and supportive. Both Allegra, available from 30-38, C-G cups and Starlet fitting 28-38, B-F cups (UK sizing), are intricately embroidered bras engineered to raise and round the breasts without compromising the illusion of delicate sensuality. The ability for a large busted woman to feel comfortable lift while experiencing such graceful design has made these bras important enough in the Eveden stable to enter the realm of everyday basics.

“I Can’t Control The Wind But I Can Adjust The Sail” ~Ricky Skaggs



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