Problem Solved ~ Smart Panties™ by Knock Out®

KP-703-419-547cToday is my 65th birthday. I know that for some women, it is heresy to admit this milestone, but for me, I only see it as finally getting my dues: health insurance and movie tickets at a discount. Actually, to be honest, I don’t feel “old” even though my daughter’s birthday wish included the phrase, “you are finally an old lady”. To me the passage of time has only brought me more wisdom, less vacillation and a greater respect for myself. Between, riding, yoga and chasing a 2 year old around, I recognize that there are certain infringements on the female body that peek into my daily life, but I refuse to acquiesce to these minor challenges. Instead I intend hop over them.

One of those challenges is something I call “leakage”. I know it’s not a pretty word, but it’s a feminine fact from the day we enter puberty and it just changes its profile as we age. Probably, the place I most notice it is during exercise, toddler duty or a good laugh over a glass of wine. I usually ignore it, making due with whatever I must.  But I will say that within the past few years I have become more aware of product technology on the market that claims to solve the problem. Brands have approached me with “Innovative” and “Patented” underwear engineered to wick away moisture. And I have researched several of them. But in a field of product expansion, when newcomers believe they are leading the race, usually one man (or should I say woman) wins. Five years in the making, I am betting on Knock Out®

I have been watching this brand give birth, evolve, and expand  as others entered and left the ring. A successful collection of 9 panty styles has now created a demand for nightwear, enabling company growth. Continuity and credibility are touchstones of business longevity.  Owner Angela Newnam has taken an idea, infused it with intensive R&D, designed a wholly feminine product and brought it to market with savvy. Lauded by some of the most respected voices in the pursuit of feminine self-esteem (Oprah & Weightwatchers to cite a couple), Knock Out® has earned their tagline “Our Product Protects Your Software”. Using Patented No Trace® technology in 100% cotton and made wholly in the USA, these panties prepare a woman for anything.

“There Is No Greater Joy Than The Burst Of Solution To A Problem” ~Daniel Keyes



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  1. charlotte Cave says:

    May I link this article in may email to customers. You have nicely phrased a non-mentionable problem.

    On a different note, we had a customer in wearing a silver looking bracelet. My sales gal commented on it, only to find out that written on the bracelet was “fuckcancer”. A Canadian company does make these.

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