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bather admiring herself in the water watercolor by Renoir

I am researching an article now for the July issue of Creations Magazine. The theme: the rising tide of the Curvy market and the potential of the emerging Plus size category in Intimate Apparel. The subject choice is close to my heart, but more about that later. What lassoed my attention is the constant noise in the media. Unafraid to say anything that comes to mind, the conversation about what makes a woman attractive seems to be on non-stop playback. Finally women are embracing themselves (a bit) and finally, the markets are figuring out what an enormous opportunity confronts them if they pay attention to the cultural evolution on their doorstep.  150 years ago Pierre Auguste Renoir documented the society of his time and revealed in paint what today’s photographer defines as provocative. I cannot imagine what bras, if any, these luscious women wore; technology not what it is today, but I suspect no one cared. Voluptuous bodies embodied beauty and there was no shame.crp

When I saw the underwire Kayla bra in the Goddess showroom, in all its black leopard glory, I was taken by this bold statement available for women 36-46, DD-N cup. It was clear that this brand had tapped into a success story as the bra has become an everyday essential. I even had feedback from Mary Jordan at Bra-La-La, who sent me a picture of a woman in this style which she had altered with extra fabric to fit an O cup. Containing every element of support construction necessary in a large cup bra, Kayla manages to be speak loudly without overstatement. At great value, it is a sexy and seductive statement of Goddess’s recognition of the well-endowed right to might.

“Speak Softly And Carry A Big Stick”
~Theodore Roosevelt



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