Tried, True & New ~ Natori Pure Allure

There are certain bras that have their day in the sun and then there are those that are forever remembered for their impact on the lingerie industry. In the process of writing a piece on the curvy business for the July issue of Creations, I asked Dan Koch, owner of the iconic Town Shop in NYC the following question: “Dan, in your opinion, what was the best selling bra in America in the 1970’s and what is it today? His response: “In the 70’s it was John Kloss Glossies made by Lily of France. It was unbelievable.” Today, he compares that success to the Feathers bra from Natori. Of course this response is anchored in his extraordinary history with our business and skewed to the specialty store space.  I remember the Glossies: I had about 5 in different colors. The bra, in all its colorful shine, changed the landscape of intimates for the decade.  In more recent years, along came Natori’s Feather’s bra, and the American love affair with t-shirt bras was catapulted to another level. But alas, it was available only in basic cup sizes.


Leave it to Natori, though, to capitalize on a major success by expanding the concept  into bigger cup sizes with the recently launched Pure Allure T shirt bra. Using a similar stretch lace to embolden the perimeter of this everyday essential, the Pure Allure bra is available for 30-42, D-H cups. Maybe sheer color was a game changer in the 70’s but in current times, to be make the Bra Hall of Fame,one must consider the needs of every woman, no matter her size. Natori has certainly put itself in today’s race.

“If You Have Ability In A Certain Area, Why Not Capitalize On It And Improve It And Use It?” ~Wilt Chamberlain



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