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In the nascent days of my retail career, I had a brilliant mentor who guided me through my basic training. I credit much of my success as a merchant to his vision and expectations. One lesson that has never left me, particularly as I rose to management positions, is that excellence in merchandising depended on a combination of Picasso and Einstein. One needed vision as well as sterling analytical skills. Naturally divergent talents, this is a tall order when searching for the best product, a brand with substance, a store with perspicuity or a website with ingenuity. But, when you realize you have succeeded with this challenge, the satisfaction is a genuine thrill.


Such is my perception of the Dita Von Teese lingerie brand. It took me some time, as it often does, to board this ship; mainly because I needed to see it land and succeed in the USA.  But frankly, from the first time I reviewed the line in the NYC showrooms and met the Australian based management group, I was sure I had discovered a winner. Not only is the company  infrastructure firmly ensconced in the global intimate manufacturing domain, the design team works hand in hand with its namesake to insure the integrity of her image. Dita’s involvement in the collection’s creation insures that the sexy, elegant and independent female she espouses is reflected in every single style.  Yet, her insistence on perfection in sewing, beautifully appointed trims, shapes that enhance the female body and pricepoints that do not betray a woman’s pocketbook, prove that she understands the technical priorities necessary to build a loyal audience. Smart as a whip, she recently took her seductive imprint up a notch. Recognizing the virtue of the voluptuous lady, the assortment now includes bras from 32-44, B-E cups. Dita Von Teese may not be Picasso or Einstein, but she is a welcome dynamic to a lingerie category that craves provocative elegance at a value.

“Logic Will Get you From A To B; Imagination Will Take You Everywhere” ~Albert Einstein




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  1. clare ranney says:

    These make me wish I was 30 years younger! I love these!

  2. Terri fisher says:

    “Smart as a whip”. Love that!! So clever Ellen!!

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