Paris When It’s Hot: Day Two


This heat wave that has hit the Paris streets is unbelievable, but unlike the USA, nothing is air conditioned, including the Mode City Convention center where they handed out fans as we entered. I have to say that the extreme heat was not conducive to creative thought but I did manage to glean some useful direction.

Noah-Lenny-niemeyer-Foah and Lenny Niemeyer

The Concepts Paris seminar was as informative as usual citing 8 major trends for 2016, but more about that later. The major take away from today’s journey was the plethora of swim and beachwear brands that occupied the show. I would guess that 80% of the space is dedicated to this category. From a Lingerie point of view there is some interesting insight from the swimwear market, particularly in colors and shapes.

Building-beauty-pink-dowderBuilding Beauty and Rebecca Swimwear

Without a doubt the preponderance of blue, all shades is a major story. Mixed with white which is emerging even in Lingerie as more than a basic, this story is everywhere.

swimMona Swims, Aubade and Carioca Collection

Black and White remains a constant, another color of stature is pink in various shades. and the comeback of florals is a major message.

Sonia Rapalyte and Tutti Rouge

Laces are incredibly delicate with sparkles infused.

Gilda-and-pearl-Gilda and Pearl, L’ l’AGENT. PROVOCATEUR‏ and Rosy

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