Paris 2016 Spring/ Summer Swim & Lingerie Trends


I just returned from the Mode City Swimwear/Lingerie and Interfilière  shows. If you have ever watched the movie Around The World In 80 Days, you might have some idea what my recent trip to Paris was like.  A confluence of unexpected events; 100 degree temperatures sans air-conditioning, a wicked cold in full fever mode and a camera that would not cooperate, made this particular trip a challenge. Nonetheless, journey accomplished, despite some obstacles, I did cull some interesting trend information worthy of recapping here.

blanitasptsAnita Sports Bras

This show is heavily weighed to the swim and beach market, so much so that this is where the trend forums places attention. The lingerie vendors that do present are in pared down booths most focused on their swim collections for 2016. However, the swim market, a fashion driven body image venue , serves the intimates market well. It is a natural segue into lounge, body shaping, activewear and the sports category. And in fact, this was a major message at the Interfilière expo where the emphasis on technically astute fabrics was highlighted. The emergence of the empowered woman is clarified by materials worthy of intense workouts and all day wear.

bl floralsMeng & Panache Swim

On the flip side, uber sheer laces are counterpointed with dramatic embroideries and guipure motifs. The  re-emergence of floral prints in RTW, large and small scale is a major direction in lace, embroidery and guipure patterns.  They look very new. What’s more, new engineering techniques bring lace from a decorative to a functional level exemplified by Empreinte’s new “reserve” metallic weave lace and Lise Charmel’s beautiful guipure appliqued and embroidered Calais levers laces. Certainly the bridal market benefits.

bllise charmelLise Charmel


bl embr on sheerMimi Holiday & Erica M




blpanache cPanache Lingerie

Open bondage has evolved into a more layered look, higher necklines, meshes, fishnet decorated with exquisite levers laces softens the once in your face effect.

bl bdEdge Of Beyond & Gilda & Pearl

Optical blocking in bold combinations is a direct result of the increase of the athletic market impact on Intimates. “Sports bras are the stars”. Activewear is proclaimed the new frontier for Lingerie businesses

bl cbAntigel & Empreinte Swim

The infusion of metallic elements, shine prevailed. Animal Prints reinterpreted and new.

bl animalCariocca Collection & Mona Swims

I mentioned the importance of blue multiple times in my daily updates. It is clearly the critical palette for both swim and lingerie. Blue is coupled with white, with coral, with yellow. But right behind this constant hue is the large sway of reds and pinks. Clearly these colors will increase in importance as we go forward towards fall. Black and white hold court, as always. I suspect that white, a key lingerie color in Europe and heavy disdain in the USA will gain importance in America as we go forward.

blggCleo Swim and Epure Lingerie

bl redRosa Faia & Aubade

bl purpleEmpreinte, Lise Charmel, Empreinte Swim

blascenoAsceno Lingerie

bl bwLatitid Swim and Jane Woolrich

Speaking of the USA and North America in general, I noticed strong emphasis from many key vendors on product categories that are unique to our continent. Mix and Match swimwear, unheard of in Europe is a major focus for savvy makers. Sports Bras hold court in many lines. And the ubiquitous t-shirt bra, the American hero, is the fulcrum of many assortments.  How to maintain the purity of cause and still add character and femininity to these bras is seen in every astute foundation collection.

bl mix and matchPanache Swim & Antigel Swim

And the amount of bohemian throwback to the 60’s and the 70’s prevailed in the coverup market and heralded obvious direction for spring loungewear.

BG BohemianAlways The Sun, Beth and Tracie Barbados, Maryan Melhorn

Truth be told,  this particular voyage was a bit demanding. But when I was walking around the 16th arrondissement with my sister (who lives there)  after the show and I saw this balloon rise up above the rooftops, I knew that no matter what trials or tribulation one confronts, Paris always delivers.


“My Goal Is To Spread Ideas. Trends Always Start At The Top” ~Homaro Cantu


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  2. Jean Criss says:

    Beautiful selections – thanks for sharing entire 4-day collection What’s Trending in Paris 2016. Feminine styles, colors and prints in swimwear. Whatever your Mode du Jour, there are chic styles available. Fabulous!

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