The Secret Behind Secrets In Lace

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I  just saw the new Secrets In Lace campaign. Company owner, Dan Whitsett, a good friend, shared his current vision with me and as with much that he has done to build his vintage inspired brand, I was blown away. Admittedly, it has a lot to do with the photography and his focus on plush models who own their figures. It’s also about leveraging key items and integrating them into everyday wardrobes, particularly for a woman who loves retro lingerie.


When I met Dan, almost 10 years ago, Secrets In Lace was already an established website business anchored by the stocking category. Frankly, this has been, even from its inception, the go to venue for hosiery and garter belts meant to be functional as well as fantasmal. My introduction to Dan’s quest for Intimate perfection was all about the pieces of lingerie that coordinate with stockings and garter belts. In particular, his quest for the perfect bullet bra, a project he had been nurturing for many years prior to our meeting, was a driving force behind his development plans. It’s not hard to see Dan’s Navy background because he was relentless in this discovery process and sales prove that Secrets In Lace has, in fact,commandeered the best fit in the market for this shape.


Dan’s approach to building a niche website worthy of a loyal fan following has been inspirational in our brand merchandising strategy on Lingerie Briefs. Like my belief that the shopping experience should be a visual buffet, he has channeled his resources into extraordinary photography of beautifully curated product worthy of his reader’s attention. I am particularly on point with the Secrets In Lace credo: Product performance combined with feminine elegance is the most profitable formula for retail success.


“Relentless Improvement Of The Product And Upgrading Of Consumer Tastes
Are The Heart Of Merchandising” ~Christopher Lasch


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  1. Sandypuffer says:

    Sandy puffer I am a male that loves lingerie and as I said before I have purchased panties from secrets I lace before but due to home fire I lost all of them.they were pink and I want to replace them and if they come in other colors also, I saw the yellow and love them. I wear size 5 in vanity Fair panties, not sure how that would compare to your panties. I do love the yellow panties that I saw on your site that would something I want also thank you and hope to hear from you soon.Sandy

  2. Sandypuffer says:

    I am trying to purchase some secrets I lace panties, I had some pink ones but lost them in a house fire now I want to purchase some more but where can I go online

  3. Lingerie Theory says:

    Absolutely gorgeous 🙂
    love the pictures.

  4. Daniel Whtisett says:

    Hi Ellen – thanks for the wonderful article!

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