Pure and Simple ~ Naked Underwear


When I was 16 years old, I spent a summer in France: the goal of which was to learn to speak French. But the summer gifted me with much more than language skills. It introduced me to a culture whose respect for the female body was clear in the underpinnings of their art as well as their style. It spoke of a casual elegance and it informed my perception of feminism. I purchased a photography book entitled “La Femme”,a collection of naked bodyscapes that revered a woman’s curves elevating them to an artform. These photos captured the elements of female anatomy with simple lines and soft lights. I still have that book and looking at it, the purity of composition renders them timeless.


Today, when my friend Carole Hochman invited me to see the new Naked women’s collection launching at Curve New York this August, these classic black and white images came to mind. This collaboration, on which Carole, as CEO, has worked for over a year, began with the renaissance of the men’s underwear line, an affordable luxury brand with its roots in Canada.  But it is the “Everyday Naked” intimates that have me personally very excited. In my never ending quest for the perfect panty, these styles fill a much sought after niche. Constructed in an incredibly soft, feather light cotton and spandex blend, they are comfortable basics that almost float on the body. Available in S-XL, they are just one element of Naked’s essentials.  Leveraging the quality fabrics and clarity of attitude in the menswear line, the women’s collection of loungewear and daywear is a testament to simplicity and functionality. It is very brave to launch a new brand in this market, but I think Carole has done it again. I will bet they endure, maybe as long, or longer, than my book. Contact: jenn.gossweiler@nakedbrandgroup.com

Simplicity Is The Purest Form Of Sophistication” ~Leonardo Da Vinci

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