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When I was a kid, one of my favorite TV shows was Zorro. We’d sit in my parent’s bedroom around the little black and white set in anticipation of the masked man’s next adventure. In later years, when the movie was produced in hi-definition full color (The Mask of Zorro), nostalgia got the best of me. Watching Antonio Banderas in action didn’t hurt either. But, it was Elena, his feisty wife, played by the sexy, exotic Catherine Zeta-Jones whose character stole the screen. Raised to behave with lady like behavior, her  feisty performance ratified the definition of feminine power: intelligent, unafraid, and seductive. The mask was a double entendre: who was really in charge?


Woman love eyemasks. They are an intimate accessory connoting secrecy and seduction simultaneously. Linda Hartman Intimates  has managed to rally behind this best-selling lingerie category with their Bedroom Eyes double sided silk sleepmask collection. Serious or tongue in cheek, they are great gift items and a definite add on sale. Meant to be worn for a variety of reasons, the message is in each woman’s hands. It’s really up to her.

“We Understand How Dangerous A Mask Can Be. We All Become What We Pretend To Be” ~Patrick Rothfuss


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