Mystical, Magical Maaji Swimwear


Walking through the exhibitions stands this past summer at the Paris Lingerie and Swimwear show, I have to admit, I wasn’t exactly at my best.  I was somewhat under the weather, and I don’t mean the 100 degree temperatures; although that certainly did add to my discomfort. In such a state, its a bit more difficult to get inspired. But, when I came across the mystical, magical Maaji Swimwear booth, somehow I forgot my malaise for a moment or two. I had entered a whimsical world of eclectic prints and textures mixed together to create a tapestry of beauty and innovation.  These styles, almost all reversible, are expertly crafted under the supervision of the gifted Sierra sisters. Drawing on their Colombian heritage, the collections are carefully engineered so that the construction details seem to disappear. The popularity of this swimwear continues to attract attention worldwide. Maaji is now shipping to 57 countries. Wearing their beachwear certainly evokes a unique statement. Even more, I would love to have them on display, just to ignite the imagination.









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