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Technology has steered the tides of change in the marketplace ever since the invention of the wheel. We can claim that the speed of light movement being witnessed today in the growth of telecommunications trumps history, and maybe so. But pioneers in science and art have always had life altering impact on the cultural status quo, even as they are constantly challenged by last year’s perspective. In the Lingerie trade, change is rarely dynamic, but more likely evolutionary. We are, after all, dealing with fabric, albeit close to the skin. But that very point drives this industry’s research and innovation, and in the process, it drives a multi-billion dollar business to new horizons.


I have been sent, shown and shuttled towards a multitude of products that claim revolutionary impact on the wearer’s comfort level. They wick, breathe, massage, soften, support, absorb, and on and on. And some of them do what they claim. But frankly, I am wary. R&D is a very time-consuming, expensive and scientific ordeal. Coordinating its effects into garments that also solve lifestyle requirements is a complicated process. And so, when I was initially introduced, several months ago, to the Lusomé brand’s exclusive drylon™ moisture management fabric technology, I was hesitant.

However, recently my partner Shirley had surgery, and I gifted her a few Lusomé  styles that had been sent to me. She was having difficult nights, broken sleep and discomfort from sweating. Her reaction to the sleepshirt she tried instilled me with the confidence that this budding company is on to something special. Her testimony says it all: “I slept through the night, stayed under the covers and the cotton felt like a soft second skin. I was cool and comfortable when I’m usually throwing off the bedclothes”. Now, she has admitted to me, she wears the lounge pants almost every day.


In controlled laboratory tests, drylon™ has been proven to work up to 5 times faster than competing brands based on official moisture management testing protocols. Through innovative weaving of natural fiber blends that contain no chemicals it moves moisture away from the skin’s surface spreading to the fabric’s surface for rapid evaporation. Over 80% of the female population will experience night sweats in their lifetime, so this is a promise of real volume for a savvy intimate’s retailer. All one need do is to feel the fabric to know that this iteration of moisture release product is elegantly unique.


I knew there was potential here once I became acquainted with Lara Smith, the entrepreneur whose personal quest for a product addressing these issues inspired her to capitalize on 20 years of experience in the textile industry to create Lusomé.  After 2 years of development and 70 trials, Lara has clearly combined her excellent taste and in depth training to bring a revolutionary product to market. After it was recently featured on Good Morning America, the explosion of her website with consumers searching for stores where it is available  proves my point. Contact

“There’s A Way To Do It Better – Find It” ~Thomas Edison

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