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980x1400_02_lpmaisonatelier_1cLa Perla

Luxury is, I believe, a matter of opinion. If you look in the dictionary, the definition moves between lavish material objects, sumptuous living and my favorite “a pleasure out of the ordinary allowed to oneself”.  To me, receiving a present that I might never buy myself, but promotes a feeling of personal joy is a real luxury. Even though I am not particularly a lover of “things”, there are items of pure opulence that I have been given on occasions in my life that I value not only for the thought but also their delicious extravagance. One case in point, from my husband; a sterling silver long-stemmed rose dipped in gold bought from Tiffany’s for my 10th anniversary. (Don’t worry; it was so out of character that the surprise lives in my memories with more intent than the actual gift.) In the world of lingerie, luxury can be defined by the quality of fabric, the delicacy of lace and embroidery, the expertise of tailoring and the intricacy of prints. These are a few seasonal treasures worthy of holiday wonder.

simone-perele-LOOKCollection-bodysuitSimone Perele


olivia-von-halleOlivia von Halle

980x1400_03_neoprenedesireLa Perla

lejabyMaison Lejaby

id-sarrieri-carusel_jw85-wlaI.D. Sarrieri


jane-7862-(3)Jane Woolrich

christineF15-DivafinChristine Lingerie

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    How simply glorious!

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