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Here is an interesting fact: Lavender repels scorpions. Here is the pertinent question: why does this matter? Well for one, here in Cabo where scorpions sometimes like to meander in from their desert habitat, it’s nice to learn that a simple, natural and actually very appealing herb can defeat this not so lovely annoyance. The first time I found a scorpion in my house, I was not a happy camper. Their reputation, based mainly on inflated history, had preceded them. I thought I could die. But truth be told, they are not as dangerous, at least the kind we confront domestically, as one would assume. It’s like spiders, they are fast, some can sting, and most of them are ugly, but it’s very rare to meet one that could do real damage. Who would have thought that such an ambrosial fragrance could have so much clout over a tiny scourge?


Apparently, it is not only lavender extract that holds sway over animal instincts; the color lavender can impact sales. Such is the case with Clo Intimo’s best-selling Fortuna collection. I first happened upon the Fortuna chemise at the 2010 August Curve show and knew immediately that it was a winner. Now six years later the style is going strong with this month’s delivery in lavender scoring the highest sales numbers ever. The power of lavender and its influence over the tried and true as well as the new, continues to gain momentum. Maximizing its potential, Clo decided to introduce its Fortuna demi- bralet and boyshort in this magnetic hue.  Apparently this pretty little plant has a uniquely compelling reach. Just see how it takes care of business.

“I Think It Pisses God Off If You Walk By The Color Purple In A Field Somewhere
And Don’t Notice It”. . . ~Alice Walker


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