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The Bra Zone by Elisabeth Dale on Lingerie BriefsThis blog is about a different kind of product, a book written by my esteemed colleague, Elisabeth Dale. The book, The Bra Zone, is a comprehensive tome about all things bras. It is not a basic fit manual, like so many other stories out there, but rather, a well-researched insight into every issue a woman (or man) could possibly confront in her/ his journey to breast acceptance. If I owned a Lingerie store, I would have this available for insight and sale. Elisabeth and I first met when she re-launched her terrific blog, TheBreastLife. For a while she wrote our Breast Briefs column, excellent articles on breast related issues that always hit a nerve. Alas, we lost her terrific perspective to her own success story. Elisabeth has appeared as a breast expert on Good Morning America, in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan and the Daily Beast. In her spare time, she performs stand-up routines in comedy clubs in Los Angeles. She is quite a force; likes to tell it like it is. This book covers every aspect of the bra market including excellent sourcing references to satisfy a plethora of needs. It has actually enlightened me on a few facts. It’s one of those rare literary combinations; an easy read chock full of valuable information. The book launches on Amazon on July 15. For information contact

“An Investment In Knowledge Always Pays The Best Interest” ~Benjamin Franklin

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