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latte and laduree on Lingerie Briefs

In NYC yesterday, while waiting for a latte at an edgy coffee shop on Madison Avenue, I started to contemplate why I was feeling upbeat about spending $4.50 on a cup of coffee. The answer is really simple: in the scheme of things, it’s really the small luxuries in life that can alter perspective. This city is full of them; little treats that are singularly expensive but really worth the resulting lift. One doesn’t need a lot of anything to satisfy an appetite for pleasure.

Lucia plunge bra for petite sizes by The Little Bra Company on Lingerie Briefs

Appreciating delicacies got me to thinking about The Little Bra Company. Every time I review this brand, I am reminded that “good things do come in small packages ®”. In fact, the current collection surfaces a vision of Ladurée’s precious macaroons, pretty little cookies in delicious colors that would taste great with my $4.50 morning brew. One example is the bestselling Lucia bra seen here in raspberry and pistachio. Sized for 28-38, A-C cups, it really is the “perfect little bra with a BIG push”. Engineered specifically for a petite torso, all of these bras are designed to not only fit a small frame and small bust, but also to elegantly enhance the woman wearing them. Emily Lau’s mission was personal when she launched The Little Bra Company 10 years ago. Her insight has not only raised the bar in this niche but is also gratifying a hungar for quality in this oft neglected category

“I Can Do Small Things In A Great Way” ~James Freeman Clarke




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