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FOXERS rodeo briefs boxers on Lingerie Briefs

I must confess that the only reason I sought out the FOXERS™ booth at Curve NY was to honor a promise I had made to a colleague of mine. It’s good to keep a promise, because the repercussions are so often worth the effort. The moment I saw their stand, backed by a cornucopia of kicky, colorful underwear replete with eclectic fabric mixes and cool details alien to this category (snaps and pockets), I knew I was on to something. Certainly, they are too. This robust on-line and boutique business is the brainchild of founder and designer, April Spring. Her AH-HA moment was initiated in 2006 at a café where she observed a ladies’ thong sneaking above her jeans. Why couldn’t a woman’s panty emulate a man’s boxer; funky printed waistbands that were eye-catching?  FOXERS was born.

FOXERS briefs boxers on Lingerie Briefs

This is no neophyte entering the marketplace. They have passed through some rigorous initiation rites and matured into a savvy development and production company capable of handling global business. This fact combined with a visceral instinct struck a merchandising chord in me. Curious, even though quite cautious of the viability of these fashion niche underpinnings; April urged me to try a pair. I thought she was crazy. At 66, I might have the attitude, but the body suggests other options. I told her to give me a pair of the boxer briefs for my 32 year old daughter instead. She sent me both. I was stunned at how much fun they are to wear, the incredible comfort and fit. I use them as a lounge short. However, it was my daughter’s reaction that sealed the deal. She loves them. She even texted me a selfie (not sharing). Fitting sizes XS-2XL, these are “not boxers, they’re FOXERS.”  

FOXERS watermelon lace boxers on Lingerie Briefs

“A Moments Insight Is Sometimes Worth A Life’s Experience”
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes



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  1. Erika Paulson says:

    Love to learn more. As a C-D, it is sometimes difficult to find items like these in larger sizes. Looks like these will fit the bill nicely.

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