Oh, What An Exquisite Web We Weave ~ Lise Charmel Lingerie

gossamer spider webs on Lingerie Briefs

Several weeks ago, even though I told them not to bother, Lise Charmel sent me a gorgeous bra from their number one best-selling collection, Dressing Floral. Frankly, I am beastly to fit; it is rare that a delicate looking bra could support me through one of my 12 hour work days. This style is so precious; it reminds me of an ethereal spider web. Like a web, it is difficult to account for its ability to trap and contain an insect’s weight, sometimes twice its size.  But I do know that the tensile weight of spider silk is greater than the same weight of steel and has much more elasticity. So, I tried it on, partly because they asked me to, partly because wearing a Lise Charmel design has been a fantasy of mine since I first became ensconced in the lingerie business and also because, frankly, it’s exquisite. The fine guipure applied to a gossamer mesh surface produces a tattoo effect embracing the breast. Still, I was not convinced on sustainability, much less enduring comfort. So, I gave it my grandma test, wearing it all day while playing with my grandson, who, by the way, I often refer to as my “little bug”.

Lise Charmel Guipure Charming Bra on Lingerie Briefs

I probably should have known better than to question the esteemed Lise Charmel atelier and their renowned reputation for excellence in bra engineering. The Dressing Floral collection is as strong as any spider web.  This was proven to me not only in the actual wear-test, but also when Sandra Jones, US Manager of the Lise Charmel Group, convinced me to run my fingernails over the cups attempting to snag the airy surface. Obviously, I did not succeed. Like any product worth its weight in gold, this bra, available in 30-44, A-H cups proves how beauty with technical aptitude can so easily control the beast.

“Poetry Is A Fresh Morning Spider-Web Telling A Story Of Moonlit Hours
Of Weaving And Waiting During A Night” ~Carl Sandburg



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