A Love Affair ~ Chantelle Sports Bra


I have been chomping at the bit (no this is not another Horse related blog) to write about my love affair with Chantelle’s Sports Bra. Let me clarify. This is a very personal statement. There are so many good sports bras on the market. In fact, I own quite a few of myself and I happily wear them. My husband moans when I pack my bags for Mexico. He cannot understand why my bra wardrobe occupies so much space in my suitcase. But, there is a reason. I am a large breasted woman of a certain age who is extremely active. I ride daily, go to yoga several times a week and when forced by circumstance, take long walks and train at a gym. In between all of this, I play piggyback on the floor with a 3 year old. I dislike most underwire bras and really don’t have a lot of choice about wearing them. I like to stay lifted and supported but honestly, comfort and its partner, quality, has always been my biggest priority. (I never wore stilettos).


When fashion clothing commands my lifestyle, I have many bras that fit the occasion and still appeal to my needs. I won’t deny that. But I find, particularly in Cabo, where my day segues from high activity to casual living, the Chantelle sports bra is my anointed choice. This is basically because I forget that I am even wearing it, a fairly unknown experience for me with a bra. Here is why:  It is soft, wicks and looks sporty when it happens to peek out of my t-shirt. I can gallop fast with very little bounce and do a down dog without a wire jamming into my midriff. The j-hook closure is a godsend for my narrow shoulders, anchoring the straps and holding the breast tissue in place. I know I’ve written about this style before, but I like to support a bra that never lets me down.

“I Dress Myself, Not to Impress, But For Comfort and Style” ~Lindsey Wixson


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