Curve NY ~ What I Saw & What I Learned

Fleur't & UGG on Lingerie BriefsFleur’t & UGG

I just attended 3 solid days at the NY Curve show having recently returned from the Paris Salon International de la Lingerie. As a result I find that the comparison between these two expositions is inevitable. Paris attracts an international audience and is a bigger platform. But Curve speaks to a North American market. Therein lays the difference. As a merchant, I study trends, but I am not a designer and my insight is from another perspective. I am interested in the customer and how creative vision will be translated into product that produces profit.  My take on the Paris show, which I reported on March 7 in this blog, is a strong reflection of a European marketplace and the lingerie cultures that emanate from there.

The major difference for me is the shift in loungewear focus between Paris and NY. Although the category is robust in Paris, it has very little correlation to the American lifestyle. Remember that the US fashion culture pivots on blue jeans. Gorgeous, chic, luxury fabrics designed for a sophisticated lifestyle does not do it for the American woman whose focus is on comfort, easy styling, easy care and flexible use. The value earned quotient is very different.

On the other hand, the increase in diversity and fashion savvy in the bra market, a historic factor in European corsetry, has begun to seep into American underwear drawers, enabling the increase of cut and sew bras, beautifully curated designs, options for a curvy and plus size woman and a bigger respect for the female form.

Only Hearts

The Curve brands I visited continued the march towards airy light fabrics and laces,  embroidery, softer shapes, body dressing, body suits, body framing, cross function, sustainability, innovation and some original thought. The bralette and wirefree surge continues, perhaps because of the emphasis on casual dressing. Or maybe the expansion of the sports bra business covering many different body types off sets the need for traditional support when off the field of play.

Color was very much on point with Europe: pinks, reds, raspberry, purple and blue, blue, blue. Green, black and white, metallic touches, yellow accents and cosmetic pales prevailed. Flowers, watered down, loose hands, cosmic interpretations and mysterious darks dominated the print market.

I do a lot of looking and take a slew of photos before I come to these conclusions. I have highlighted over 60 images here. It’s what I did as a buyer when shopping the market. Eventually, the direction becomes obvious.

Color and Print

Christine Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsChristine Lingerie

Rya Collection by Flora Backer & Samantha Chang on lingerie briefsRya Collection by Flora Backer & Samantha Chang

Mimi Hollidy & Le Mystere on Lingerie BriefsMimi Holliday & Le Mystere 

Curvy Couture on Lingerie BriefsCurvy Couture

Montelle Intimates & LOU on Lingerie BriefsMontelle Intimates & LOU

commando panties on Lingerie Briefs

Bedhead Pajamas on Lingerie BriefsBedhead Pajamas 

Simone Perele on Lingerie BriefsSimone Perele

Addiction Lingerie and Wacoal America on Lingerie BriefsAddiction Lingerie and Wacoal America 

Va Bien L'Atelier on Lingerie BriefsVa Bien L’Atelier

Triumph Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsTriumph

Marlies Dekkers on Lingerie BriefsMarlies Dekkers

Christine Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsChristine Lingerie

Underprotection on Lingerie BriefsUnderprotection

Derek Rose on Lingerie BriefsDerek Rose 

Light as Air

Les Jupons de Tess on Lingerie BriefsLes Jupon de Tess

Valery & I.D. Sarrieri on Lingerie BriefsValery & I.D. Sarrieri 

Jolidon & Fleur of England on Lingerie BriefsJolidon & Fleur of England

Amoralle on Lingerie BriefsAmoralle 

Sheergilt on Lingerie BriefsSheergilt

Chantelle Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsChantelle Lingerie 

Le Mystere on Lingerie BriefsLe Mystere

Skarlett Blue on Lingerie BriefsSkarlett Blue 

Else Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsElse Lingerie 

Body Framing
Banding, Inserts, Corsets
Thistle & Spire on Lingerie BriefsThistle & Spire 

Rago on Lingerie BriefsRago

Simone Perele & Aubade on Lingerie BriefsSimone Perele & Aubade 

Jane Woolrich on Lingerie BriefsJane Woolrich

Jane Woolrich

Thistle & Spire on Lingerie BriefsThistle & Spire 

Bluebella on Lingerie BriefsBluebella

Thistle & Spire and Oh La La Cheri on Lingerie BriefsThistle & Spire and Oh La La Cheri 


Addiction Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsAddiction Lingerie

Addiction Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsAddiction Lingerie 

Commando Bodysuits on Lingerie BriefsCommando 

Underprotection & Lise Charmel on Lingerie BriefsUnderprotection & Lise Charmel 

Le Bourget on Lingerie BriefsLe Bourget 

Janira & Giapenta on Lingerie BriefsJanira & Giapenta 

Embroidery and Guipure

Lise Charmel on Lingerie BriefsLise Charmel 

LOU Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsLOU Lingerie LOU Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsLOU Lingerie 

Empreinte Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsEmpreinte Lingerie 

Simone Perele on Lingerie BriefsSimone Perele

Touch of Gold

Loveday London on Lingerie BriefsLoveday London 

Jane Woolriich corsets on Lingerie BriefsJane Woolriich 

Kisskill & Panache Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsKisskill & Panache Lingerie 

Lonely Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsLonely Lingerie 

Marlies Dekkers on Lingerie BriefsMarlies Dekkers


Rock Cotton on Lingerie BriefsRock Cotton 

Berkshire Blanket & Home Lounge Collection on Lingerie BriefsBerkshire Blanket & Home Lounge Collection 

Le Bourget & Addiction Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsLe Bourget & Addiction Lingerie 

Love & Grace on Lingerie BriefsLove & Grace 

Love & Grace on Lingerie BriefsLove & Grace 

Skin Lingerie on Lingerie BriefsSkin Lingerie 

PJ Salvage on Lingere BriefsPJ Salvage

PJ Salvage & Pluto on the MoonPJ Salvage & Pluto on the Moon

Ginnia & Fortnght


Only Hearts & Underprotection on Lingerie BriefsOnly Hearts & Underprotection


Curvy Couture 

Anita on Lingerie BriefsAnita 

Natori on Lingerie BriefsNatori 


Bravado Maternity Lingerie on lingerie BriefsBravado Maternity 

Changeweaer on Lingerie BriefsChangewear

Saxx Menswear underwear on Lingerie /briefsSaxx 


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