Dita Von Teese Lingerie is Back in Town

Dita Von Teese Coquette Bra on Lingerie Briefs

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Dita Von Teese and her lingerie partners at Anderson Brockhurst to see her sold out appearance at the Gramercy Theater in downtown NYC. I have seen some pretty edgy shows in my time, but I had never seen a live Burlesque show. I was in for a treat: vaudeville, saucy dance, glittery costumes, and in your face comedy.  Dita’s act, The Art of the Tease, proved once again why she is internationally lauded for this genre. Luxurious, spellbinding sets enhance the slow, deliberate and sensual style of her performance. The female body is transformed into a fearless, moving work of art. She is the quintessential lingerie icon.

Diita Von Teese luxury panties on Lingerie Briefs

That’s why when her young brand disappeared from the market radar last spring; there was a deep sigh of disappointment, particularly by the retailers that had experienced the incredible sell through of her first few seasons. Suffice it to say, these things happen in business.  But after a reorganization of infrastructure while maintaining her original first class sales, design and production team, Dita Von Teese is back in town. Dita’s hand is, as always, clearly embedded in the product. She has applied her amazing eye for glamour with the same attention to detail that delivers her star quality acts. Despite the fact that the new intimates are stunning, one more beautifully wrought than the next, it is, in my opinion, the panties that speak to my retail value instincts. They are collectibles, a worthy reflection of Dita’s sensuality, strength and hardworking character. Available from XS – 4XL, I see them as their own statement that when merchandised together have multiple unit sale’s potential. An “I deserve this” pick me up, they are a delicious slice of spice. Contact Lara@AndersonBrockhurst.com

Diita Von Teese luxury panties on Lingerie Briefs

“Don’t Save Your Good Lingerie For Dates, Wear It For You” ~Dita Von Teese

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