A Whale of a Bra ~ Empreinte Cassiopée Spacer

Whale watching in Cabo San Lucas on Lingerie Briefs

I went whale watching this past weekend determined to see one in the wild, since I have not had the pleasure since I began living here in 2011. That’s because the season peaks in early winter, good for tourism, bad for me. I am always away, in Paris, NY and the rest of the lingerie market, hunting and gathering product information while the rest of my friends take countless sojourns into the ocean to site these magnificent beasts. The water’s around Cabo San Lucas are a migratory destination and breeding ground for many species. Witnessing these humpbacks in the wild breaching the ocean’s surface, swimming with their young or just rising for air before the inevitable dive is poetic. These 40 ton mammals are incredibly graceful, but did you know that to merely propel through the water requires energy equivalent to a 550 horsepower machine. Now that’s engineering.

Empreinte Cassiopee spacer bra on Lingerie Briefs

This fact is what brings me to Empreinte’s new Cassiopée spacer bra, which by the way I was wearing throughout my whale watch. This style is the first spacer bra I have ever successfully worn all day. Usually, spacer cups just don’t have the necessary leverage to defy larger breast gravity during an active day. That’s not a criticism of the few I’ve tried. It’s merely a statement regarding the challenge of supporting a G cup with lighter weight materials. This bra, which took Empreinte 2 ½ years to perfect, is a combination of a breathable feather light fabric that is invisible under my clothes while it sustains front and center lift. To accomplish this is for 30-42, C-G cups is, in my opinion, a feat of artful construction. Nature’s dynamics and a bra so comfortable that I forgot about it; that’s a whale of grateful experience.

“The Poetry of Earth is Never Dead” John Keats

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