Glossies Goes Lace ~ Gossard Lingerie

Gossard Lace Sheer Glossie Bra on Lingerie Briefs

There are wonderful advantages to living in Mexico, but negotiating the idiosyncrasies of a foreign culture is not one of them. As an American, I am used to easy access to skilled labor, state of the art supplies, and respected schedules. But the Mexican wish to always please despite the reality at hand actually can interfere with achieving desired results. In fact, my “gringo” friends and I have created an acronym to explain away anything that does not go as planned. TIM –this is Mexico- is our explanation for most every incident that goes awry. “Why is the door not closing?” Tim installed it. “Where is the gas truck?” Tim is driving. “What time is she arriving?” Ask Tim. Of course, this is all tongue and cheek. You cannot live in Baha Sur without developing a laissez-faire attitude. Sometimes, one just must roll with the punches.

So, it’s nice when a bit of continuity surfaces in our lives; this time, in the shape of Gossard’s new Lace Glossies bra. Women have been depending on Gossard’s basic sheer Glossies since the 1970’s. I wore these light, translucent semi-shiny bras when I was younger. This classic has been a mainstay of lingerie inventories and a best-selling bra for the 100+year old brand for as long as I can remember. Now, using the established Glossies frame, fitting sizes 30-38, A-G cups, they have amplified this beloved style into a beautiful Chantilly lace design. Launching this month in black and nude, Gossard will deliver additional colors for AW17, guaranteeing fashion satisfaction to their many Glossies fans. I have no doubt that the market can depend on this bra’s success. Obviously, TIM didn’t work on this.

“If You Align Expectation With Reality, You Will Never Be Disappointed” ~Terrell Owens


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