New Kid in Town ~ Yay Panties

Yay Panties on Lingerie Briefs

When I first saw the Yay Panties brand at Curve in February, I was not sure about another panty package program; but, it’s my job to mine the market for the best in class. Whenever a newcomer surfaces, I feel compelled to do some R&D. And the marketing campaign, so critical in today’s digital world was enticing: fun, sexy and affordable underwear completely seamless and stitch free.  My 32 year old daughter, who is not a fan of underpants in general (please don’t ask) convinced me of their potential when, after trying the boy short, she raved about the fit and feel. The fabric is so malleable and soft; it’s hard to remember one is wearing undies at all.  This I can personally vouch for as I tried them on. Currently focused on two key items, the tanga and the cheeky in sizes XS-XL, they are launching as I write. Yay Panties is positioned to expand the assortment for Spring 18.  Additional collections including bacteria resistant materials and cooling elements will enable them to add a fashion and active range that will zero in on their target customer; a spirited young woman searching for cool lingerie that won’t break the bank.  In the past few weeks, Yay Panties has surfaced in my email more than once. That set off my radar. It might just be worth getting to know this new kid in town.

Yay Panties on Lingerie Briefs

“There’s a New Kid in Town. Everybody’s Talking” ~Don Henley

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